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Chris Holman

CEO of Supply IQ Logistics Solutions

Chris Holman is a zealous Transportation and Logistics Professional with decades of experience  in delivering top-notch Air Cargo and Freight Transportation Services. Native to Long Island, New  York, he is an Air Force Veteran who served the military as a Staff Sergeant for over ten years.  Chris has always been enticed by the dynamics of logistics and this lured him into the realm of the  transportation industry. For the last 20 years, he has been heavily involved in the global  transportation scene and presently spearheads a Franchise with InXpress International and owns  Supply IQ. 

At InXpress International, Chris Holman serves as a Shipping Specialist and he manages the dual  responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer & Shipping Consultant at Supply IQ. These companies  exemplify his dedication to serving the global transportation and logistics industry and showcases his passion for helping military and small & medium-sized businesses efficiently handling freight  transportation and logistics. Chris also serves as the Global Senior Operations Manager (Project  Management & Delivery) at Parexel and has previously served in the capacities of Senior Project  Manager, Transportation E5 Staff Sergeant, Senior IRB Project Leader, and Solar/PV Global  Shipping Manager at numerous renowned companies relating to pharmaceutical, food processing,  manufacturing, and biotechnology industries.  

Chris Holman highly appreciates the notion of continuous improvement and aspires to find new  ways to grow his businesses exponentially and serve the industry exceptionally. He is always ready  to learn something new and relishes practicing creativity to solve complex logistics problems  restricting the seamless functioning and operations of small & medium-sized businesses. Chris is  a Certified International Trade Specialist, Minority Business Enterprise and Certified Global  Importer & Exporter spearheading businesses with an Indirect Air Carrier Status (IACSSP).  Besides this, he is an avid fan of traveling, gardening, and cooking who respects the idea of giving  back to the community through volunteering. 

Let’s Get You Moving

Supply IQ Logistic Solutions Main Office

License Number: 123-456-7890

Phone: 1-866-274-7447


Locations We Serve

San Francisco, CA 

Los Angeles, CA 

San Jose, CA

 Sacramento, CA

Las Vegas, NV 

Reno, NV

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