Tell us about your business

Supply IQ Logistic Solutions was started in 2015. Supply IQ provides cost effective, reliable and personal logistics services to businesses of all sizes throughout North America. We manage relationships with transportation partners so our customers can concentrate on their core business. We have the technology, experience and expertise to solve logistics challenges and move products from origin to destination, anywhere in the world.

What inspired you to start your business?

What inspired me to start my business was an entrepreneurial spirit mixed with the desire to offer a better product and service to my customers without the oversight and restrictions commonly found in the corporate environment.

Tell us about your transition from military life to one as a business owner. Did you come across any obstacles, and how did you overcome them?

I was honorably discharged from the Airforce in 2010 after serving my Country for ten years during the War in Afghanistan. I went back to my old job but found that the skills I learned during my military service made me a candidate for higher level positions in the logistics industry, which was just evolving. There were no services offered for military transitions into civilian life at that time. Because it was not a popular war, veterans were not look at with favor by our countrymen or employers in a favorable light, until a few years later. Jobs were not easy to find for veterans as discrimination was high against them.

How did your experiences in the military influence your skill set as a business owner?

My service in the Airforce helped to give me many of the foundation skills that I have today. Precisely the value of teamwork. A sense of how to deal with adversity and overcome it. An understanding of how to appreciate the liberties we have as citizens of this great Country and an appreciation and understanding of what Americanism really means. Lastly it made me realize the value of the men and women who served before me, especially many of friends and my father who served in the Army Air Corp during WWII and received a bronze medal.

What advice would you give to someone transitioning from the services into a business environment?

I would advise currently transitioning service men and women to use the transitioning services that are offered today by the military and by programs like Vet to Tech and others like it. But more importantly, bring your team building skills, your sense of loyalty to your teammate, your passion for doing the job right, your respect for authority and your learned skills to your new employer. As an employer, these are the things that we look for.