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We are your Nationwide Expedited Cargo Professionals
with offices in New York, Philadelphia & Tampa. 

Customers choose Supply IQ daily to ship for the following reasons:

We deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including the holidays.


Supply IQ provides customers with reliable freight forwarding, affordable small parcel and ground shipping backed by Supply IQ Platinum Service with our team of shipping experts.

We provide Insurance for all shipments and Customs Brokerage Support services. 

Use our internal Customer Service team to support your existing shipping activities. 


Book your shipment now on any air, ocean or ground carrier.



Sea freight transport services

Sea Freight Transport Services

We can transport your goods to and from any major port, as part of our strong sea freight transport services.

We have a wide range of sea freight transport services from any of the major ports across the country.

We specialize in partial and full container load as part of our sea freight transport services offering.

Ocean Freight shipping services .jpg

Ocean Freight Shipping Services

We are well equipped to handle challenging Ocean Freight Shipping Services.

We have a strong presence at the New York port for Ocean Freight shipping services.

We specialize in helping our clients source from markets like India and China and offer land and Ocean freight shipping services from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services ensure fast and efficient national and international transportation.

Being an Indirect Air Carrier, we specialize in Air freight services.

You can move high value freight by using our efficient Air Freight services.

Air freight services are used mainly for time sensitive shipments.

Air Freight Transport.jpg

Air Freight Transport

Air freight transport is the most premium form of logistics. It is also the most expensive.

Air freight transport is generally preferred while shipping high value goods that need to reach the end consumer as soon as possible.

For Air freight transport, the size of the goods matter more than the weight due to the space constraints on an airplane.


White Glove Services

Our white glove services reflect our safe and systematic delivery process.

We can perform a white glove service to transport your high value and fragile items.

White glove service is the most premium offering for last mile delivery.


Trucking Services

Our trucking services include LTL (Less than truck load), FTL (Full truck load), PTL (Partial truck load) and dedicated trucks.

We enjoy great volume discounts on our trucking services and further pass these on to you.

Get a quote today on our various trucking services for your shipping lanes.

Trucking services at Supply IQ are well connected, with support from leading logistic providers

Logistics consulting services.jpg

Logistics Consulting Services/ Supply Chain Consulting Services

Logistics consulting services is our company's forte.

You will be surprised to see the cost and time savings you can achieve just by a few hours of our logistics consulting services.  

Our logistics consulting services portfolio is built over more than a decade of hands-on operational experience.


Supply Chain Management System

A robust supply chain management system is the backbone of every company.

A good supply chain management system is vital to scale your business.

We can help you find the right supply chain management system that will fit your business model perfectly.

Our Supply Chain Management system allows for customized solutions.

General Sales Agent

Supply Chain Logistics Management

Supply chain logistics management requires the best partnerships and connections to make sure you are getting the best option at every step.

With the world moving towards ecommerce and online shopping, supply chain logistics management is the need of the hour

Supply chain logistics management includes various transportation and storage options.

MBE Certification
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